The verb of perception “see” can be used in the passive voice, and if an infinitive is used then to is required. However in the passive voice the object and the infinitive are not affected. Therefore the sentences “I see some duplicated questions” and “I see some duplicated questions” are correct.

The second set of sentences in the passive form do not require the action “given”. Both are possible. Example: I see two pigeons by the window.

36-verbs of Perceptions and Examples

Verbs of perception are like; listen to, look at, touch, smell, taste, see, hear, feel, heard and so on. Examples: “He is listening to the radio.” “He hears a noise.” “They see smoke.” “that sounds like rain.” “It feels cold today”

These verbs can be used with objects and followed by other verbs, for example; “I heard you leave.” “I watched them play basketball.” “I watched them playing basketball.”

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