Not all are grammatically correct. The first sentence should read “I listened to him play the guitar.”

The verb “Listened” cannot be used in the second set of sentences. The verb “heard” should be used instead; “I heard him being knocked down by a thief,” “I heard him fall from the roof.” The third set of sentences is correct.

The verb “looked” cannot be used in the fourth set of sentences. We often “watch” people play sports, therefore the sentences should read; “I watched the guy play soccer” or “I watched the guy playing soccer.”

The last set of sentences are also not correct, both in the use of the verb of perception and in grammar. They should read “I watched as the guy was thrown down by his friend” and “I watched as the guy fell from the roof.” Example: “I listened to the radio,” “I heard him call out to her,” “I watched the man get knocked down by the bus,” I looked at her as she talked on phone”.

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