Sample Essay

The proposed study aims to qualitatively investigate the lived experiences of one translator in order to help understand the cross-culture relations among the translator and members of the international community in the HQ-ISAF. The research will cover the participant’s perceptions of cultural and educational encounters and experiences from his employment at the Linguistic Services Branch at the Headquarters. The researcher also aims to qualitatively examine via the case study approach the experiential and transformational learning experiences of a translator and the educational system of Afghanistan that led him to the delivery of a quality translation of language and culture among foreigners.

Setting and Sampling

This research is intrinsic case study. For this study the case is preselected (Stake, 1995, p. 4). Stake stated: “The more the intrinsic interest in the study, the more we will restrain our curiosities and special interests and the more we will try to discern and pursue issues critical to Θ,( the case)” (1995, p.4).

Sampling strategy for this study is primarily a result of my experience at the Kabul ISAF Headquarter location. Personal experience with the translators employed through the Linguistic Branch allowed  me to identify with the prospective participant. Selection of the case is purposive.

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