Sample Essay

Professor Shaviv, in the documentary ‘The Global Swindle’ lays stress on certain key factors and unchanged measurements which reveal that no such thing is taking place tremendously. Likewise, as such, experts may affiliate media as a tool of polluting people’s mind with these trouble some issues that do not exist in their entirety but are rather a matter of mind control of viewers. Furthermore, talking about bio fuel, it can easily be argued that ethanol extracted from corn and sugarcane to serve as an alternate fuel source might not turn out to be as cost effective as it might seem, thereby, rendering the developing countries victims of food inflation.

Experts also argue that IPCC is a body not just of scientists, there is quite a number of non scientists dominating the entire set up and hence have found a means of projecting their thoughts. Therefore, one can witness a high level of exaggeration and polluted results and figures which are inevitably confusing those falling prey to the media. It should also be noted that this era is not just about the war of weapons but media wars in their entirety, therefore, there is some element of truth in any such thought put forward.

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