Sample Essay

The Panama Canalis a reminder that it is very hard for man to conquer nature and it requires ingenuity and team effort to bend nature and be able to use it to help meet our needs. It is also a reminder of the fact that at times of difficulty the worst and the best of human nature can be seen. After de Lesseps gave up the project, French courts found him guilty of fraud and bribery in raising funds for the canal and he spent the rest of his years in prison.   Some people may feel that the French gave up the project, were unable to complete it and that it is an accomplishment for Americans alone. However, I feel that the French did much of the groundwork for us. Before starting the project we were aware of what challenges to expect and hence were able to meet them more successfully and were gradually able to complete the project.

Huge amounts of money, time, human effort and life were put in the completion of this project. However, the benefits reaped since its opening have been significant and have more than compensated for the tremendous efforts invested.

In recent years there has been increasing criticism that the Canal is not designed to meet the modern marine requirements. It is argued that at the time of construction more effort should have been put in the future planning of this Canal. Although this Canal was a product of many years of engineering ingenuity, it should also have taken into account the progressive development of the marine industry.

ThePanama Canalproject was and still is fraught with problems. It is an example of how we as a human race can overcome major challenges posed by nature and are then successfully able to use nature to meet our needs. The landslides I mentioned in “The Challenges” section of my paper are still a realty that needs to be dealt with and dredges are employed on a regular basis to clear the Waterway.

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