Sample Essay

–          Strengths: Iphone is a featured product in the market which gains a lot of weight in its overall strength.  Its features primarily include its look which is compatible with the operating system used. Phone sensors enable the multi-touch screen feature, which is another patented technology from Apple. Having said that, it is a decade long research in touch screen technology, which made Apple to come a long way in gaining the strength with its iphone, initially the marketing was supported through internet which saved its promotional cost up to $400 million.  Apple is the first to provide such a featured product to the market which itself is a core strength of the company (Reading, Wahl. Et al n.d).

–          Weaknesses: No matter how strong the brand or product is, it does have some key weaknesses which is of course not so prominent to the market.  There is a confusion related to iphone’s 3G technology which is actually not a device and will not function in countries like Japan and Korea where technology is way too advanced. There are few features of the iphone which is still not very impressive to the market. These include the phone’s sub-standard 2 mega pixel camera and an irremovable memory. Due to its price, iphone is still the most expensive among all handsets, the survey shows that almost 52% of the consumers are happy with their phone; may be because it is a high-involvement product. Dependency on Apple retailers is another risk for Apple’s distribution system (Reading, Wahl. Et al n.d).

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