Sample Essay

In order for Real Chocolate Company to achieve global success, the company would have to stress on the global development of the manufactured goods. It can be risky to market in Asian and European regions, but with careful study of the target market segments and its economic conditions, it can be achievable. Company should also investigate other regions like Africa in order to become a global enterprise. But, cautious considerations to look at its main competitors and to familiarize the political and economic structure of target region or country are also important.

 It is also a fact that to operate globally, heavy investment and marketing budgets have to be surrender. Real Company has somehow gone through this process in the past; therefore it shouldn’t be a major concern that would raise a problem. Finally, not to overlook that Company should need to build up the brand name of its products globally. Since it is admired in US, the profile of the products should be enhanced to meet cultural variations globally.

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