While the e-commerce sector has its success, it also has its share of failures.  Lack of good customer services is one of the common causes of business downfalls. Despite the f act that  e-commerce enables easy, cheap and fast communication between the buyers and sellers, it also denies customers some vital services such as demonstration on the use of the commodity, making a big number of them to hesitate from buying goods online. This reduces the number of the buyers who purchase goods online and at the same time discourages the potential consumers.

The web site at which the entrepreneur chooses for his/her business operations has a very vital role to play regarding the success of the business (blogspot.com).There are certain websites that are more frequently used by majority of  people, who are the potential consumers,  than others. Additionally, lack of good tactics of featuring the items clearly in terms of the photos and descriptions, in a way that they appeal to the people is a major problem in e-commerce.

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