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High innovation and environment uncertainty force small businesses to start with a bottom up approach of marketing, i.e. to start with fewer customers and small budgets for promotions then show a growth in steady manner. No classical concepts of target marketing, segmentation, and brand management actually incorporated at the initial stages, the growth and expansion automatically set the desired levels and strategies of entrepreneurial businesses.

The first Fairwood Fast Food restaurant was established in December 1991 in Chung on Street, Tsuen Wan, listed capital of the time was HK$5 millions and the total allowance of the workers was 57. The second restaurant was opened five years subsequent in 1996 in Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, the total allowance of the employees at that time has been expanded to 86. Fair amplified quickly since then growing from 5 outlets to a total of 11 in 1998, assisting over 10,000 customers daily.

Fairwood Fast Food restaurant is principally committed in functions a string of connections of very fast food outlets in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic ofChinaunder the title of “Fair Fast Food”. Fair’s very fast food outlets assist mostly Chinese food. Its list is often altered with cyclic favorites. Despite its Chinese predominance, Fair’s list is enriched by the adoption of Western bowls that have been mindfully redesigned to match localized flavors in alignment to enhance its attractiveness

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