In the third stanza, the reader gets to know that the disturbance is emanating from a fox, which is nosing around in the snow. This is also where the reader realizes that the title of the poem is in itself imagery, as later discussed in this essay. In the subsequent stanzas, the persona describes the movement of the fox and its behavior. It seems quite unsure of what to do as it slowly emerges from the snow, noses around, breaks into a run before stopping again.

Lastly, it trots off again only to fall into a snare. There, the stillness is restored again and everything flows back to normalcy, with the clock still ticking in the loneliness of the night. It is also in this last stanza that the reader learns that while all this was happening, the poet had already finished writing the poem.[1]It is therefore upon the reader to try and unravel the meaning of the poem and give a rational to it.


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