Sample Essay

Red Bull is engaged in the sponsorship of various activities. These activities include sporting activities for instance motocross, surfing, mountain biking, rally, snowboarding, Formula 1 racing and break dancing. Additionally, other activities sponsored by Red Bull include music, as well as art shows. Red Bull owns a number of sporting teams in a number of countries worldwide. These include the New York Red Bulls (United States of America), RB Leipzig (Germany), Red Bull Racing (United Kingdom), Scuderia Toro Rosso (Italy), Team Red Bull (United States of America), Red Bull Brasil (Brazil) and EC Red Bull Salzburg (Austria). According to (2012), Red Bull is set to sponsor the Winter X Games, earmarked to kick off as from next week.

Red Bull also organizes and manages various events aimed at marketing its brands worldwide. These events are organised by the company as a way of creating awareness on the kind of products and services offered by Red Bull. One of the most famous events that Red Bull holds annually in the United States of America and Germany is the Red Bull Flugtag (Germany) whereas in the United States of America, they call it the Flight Day or Flying Day. These events show case the major products and services that Red Bull offers to its customers. By so doing, the company aims at gaining a competitive advantage over its major rivals in its business environment. This is critical given the high level of competition among companies involved in the manufacture of soft drinks. These events are organised on an annual basis in various countries across the world.

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