Sample Essay

While the burst of school enrollments that have occurred under the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have swelled the number of students enrolled at the primary school level (Shirazi, 2007), secondary education in Afghanistan, as in most developing countries has been a “neglected sector” (Moreno, 2005, p. 381).

The researcher observed that English-language studies on the Afghanistan education system and on secondary education in particular, have been so scant that it is impossible to conduct a comparative analysis due to no unavailability of reliable data. Primary education is “the priority” in the state-building of the nation and Moreno (2005) argued that donor funds have also been directed toward university and college programs in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The first Afghan institution of higher education opened in 1946. The University of Kabul was financially supported through external, private channels (Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006, p. 7) and this continues to be the case in the recent time.

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