Sample Essay

This paper is about the overall central idea of the Roman Catholic Church. Many questions arises in human mind when we see this word with many aspects; it tells the secrecy of the Roman Catholic Churches, the history of them, the theory lies behind it along with the faith of Christian people attached to it (O’Grady 3).

This research paper will put a limelight on all of these concepts and will explain it very briefly so that we could cover each and every concept and convey it to our readers in a nutshell.

(Moberg 16) Basically, the actual meaning of the word “church” refers to a sacred place where the incorporation of all Christian groups takes place or their own specific denomination or even their own local and personalized Christian community resides and practices according to their beliefs.

(Fahlbusch and Bromiley and Barrett 227) The Roman Catholic Church describes itself as the social institution which follows the spreading the message of Jesus Christ as its sole mission all around the world

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