Sample Essay

Advertising is a very imperative source of communication, for the companies to have a good place in the market and to beat imperfect and perfect competition. It gives a mean through which company can market their products effectively. Advertising focuses on, the hierarchical model known as hierarchy of effects model which has five levels of ; Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Desire and  Purchase.

  Initially, awareness is created in the customers about the product by acknowledging them about the features of the product. If advertising is effectively done customers start liking the product making the product more preferable to them amongst the same category of products offered by other competitors. This preference creates a desire to buy the product and within a blink of an eye the customer buys the product. These levels show how effective advertising can make the company attain their vital goal of selling the products and getting loyalty from customers in return, as an additional core benefit. Above all the main purpose of advertising is to deliver effective and factual information of how the product is beneficial to everyone.

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