Sample Essay

Communication gurus agree that there is a very fine line between the two closely related concepts, uniformity and authenticity. While uniformity is the consistency of the message being delivered across channels, authenticity has more to do with the essence of the message. A message though consistent in all of the media, on which it is broadcast to the intended recipients, might lack the basic element that has the most intended effect on the recipients, the emotions. The result of this communications revolution also poses a challenge for maintaining the basic emotion of the message, thereby communicating the actual purpose of communication.

Going back to the traditional setting, it was an impliedly assumed control of the company / sender broadcasting the message about the time, place, content, audience and other factors of the message. Today’s technology has delivered this control to recipients who possess complete authority over the message they wish to hear / discard and choosing one that interests them the most. It would be unequivocal judgment if it is said that technology has been a decisive force in today’s communication revolution and we owe it to technology that we have control over the information we wish to gain. On the other hand, technology has turned this message retrieval timely, as well as the ordered across all channels communicated. Organizations acting in large part have adapted themselves to these breakthrough technological advances, and are using them inappropriately to control the audiences’ reactions and responses.

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