Sample Essay

The decision to change the image of the retailer to was taken sue to the success House of Fraser faced in the past with the store refurbishments that it underwent in the year 2001 that led to doubling of its sales. “House of Fraser has reaped the benefits of its store refurbishments, with like for like home sales more than doubling in the second half of last year to 4.8% compared to 2.1% in the first half. In the new look stores, the home furnishing department has been renovated to complement the clothing section.

It has become more design led, emphasising contemporary styles. Group turnover rose to £847.3m for the 52 weeks to 27 January while pre-tax profit, excluding property disposals, rose 4.7% to £17.8m. Profits continued to be affected by the ongoing refurbishment.”(Baum, 2001) The company now aims to make similar changes in order to completely overhaul the brand and the image of the retailer as well as increase the volume of sales for the company.

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