Sample Essay

The research aims to investigate the development of the Saudi Arabia financial market and the possibilities of improvement in the financial market through comparative analysis with the financial market of UK. The comparative study will be done in order to understand the mechanisms of the financial market in a country’s growth and analyse prospective ways of developing the Saudi financial market for future purposes. It is recognized that there are cultural, political and structural differences between Saudi Arabia and UK.  However, keeping the differences, the overall aim is to seek ways that already exist in the UK financial system and their adaption in the Saudi financial environment to improve its market efficiency and position.

To understand the development of the Saudi stock market, data would be collected from sources such as TADAWUL, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other resources.  Primarily, the data would be collected on the companies listed in the Saudi stock exchange, the main sectors of the Saudi economy that comprise of Saudi stock exchange list, the volume of shares traded and the stock points throughout the years.  The comparative analysis with the UK financial market would be conducted through literature and through the same data as collected for Saudi Arabia.  The comparative analysis would be done to see which sectors are major stakeholders, what differences exist between both countries and how UK policies could be adapted in the Saudi financial environment.

The paper will conclude that although Saudi financial market is growing and is important in both regional and international context. The Saudi government needs to implement policies that not only secure the local investors, but also, offer foreign investors to invest in the country. The obstacles observed by foreign investors in investing in such market will have to be removed if economic prosperity and market efficiency is desired. In such context, certain UK policies in terms of regulation the environment could be adapted in the Saudi financial environment which will further boost the transparency and the accessibility to capital for the investors

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