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The strong education that some Afghan refugees received in the Iranian refugee camps and in other countries through both formal and informal educational systems has created some problems when repatriation to Afghanistan has occurred. In some instances, reintegrated refugee students are not only far advanced of their peers in their Afghan classrooms, they are better educated than their teachers (Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006).

Recent Studies on Afghan Students

Banzet and de Geoffroy (2006) undertook a five-week field study on the education system implemented following the 2001 fall of the Taliban and the establishment of the Ministry of Education within the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The researchers interviewed Afghan educators, policy makers, and international and Afghan NGO workers in Kabul, Bamiyan, Samangan, Balkh, Bahlan and Nangarhar. They reported that since the inception of the new government in 2002, Afghanistan has experienced a rapid expansion of its education sector, with the end result that the nation was experiencing its highest enrollment rate in western-style education in the nation’s history with approximately 4.3 million children in school in 2004 (their figures did not include all the students enrolled in madrassahs). The researchers calculated that the 2.5 million boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 18 were still not enrolled despite the new constitution establishing a compulsory education of students up to grade.

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