Man has and will always be a diverse being that can perform a variety of duties. He can take up the role of a farmer, engineer, priest, scholar, producer, state man and soldier. Of all the functions he can perform it is the scholar who is perceived as the intellect. This is because a scholar is a thinking being.

                A scholar is considered by the influences upon his mind. Books and their contents are a great influence on the mind of the scholar, he also has great influence on them. A scholar is able to connect with nature in all its essence for he can study nature and express it in terms of words. One other aspect that influences him is books. Books contain in them the past, words that have been put down so well to reveal our history. They contain in the notions, ideas, feelings and spirit from the ages. The ability to read has given the scholar knowledge on the past and provides to the soul of the scholar. Books are therefore scholar’s instruments.

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