Sample Essay

One of the observations made by Banzet and de Geoffroy (2006) was that low rate of urbanization in the country made the provision of adequate schooling to all of the nation’s children a genuine challenge. Remote agricultural areas lacked the physical structure to house a school and lacked of curriculum materials or teachers versed in teaching across different ages. However, parents often eschewed school, needing their children at home to assist in subsistence farming. For many Afghan families education is still a formidable luxury. Unfortunately, security also remains a challenge as Roshan (2004) and others have noted that teachers and in some instances, students, have been attacked and schools destroyed by insurgent elements bent on returning Sharia Law and reversing the course of Western influence.

Another consideration noted by Banzet and de Geoffroy (2006) through their field research is the enormous diversity of the school-age population. This diversity extends beyond the already complicating factor of the significant number of potential languages and dialects spoken by students to the number of much older students entering the system who lack rudimentary knowledge and are essentially beginning their literacy and education in their teenage years. The degree of training that would be required of teachers in even the most advanced educational systems in the world to address such a disparity of need and experience is daunting. Finally, for an impoverished nation like Afghanistan, the challenge is monumental.

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