Sample Essay

Apple promotes iphone as the versatile, convenient and a value added device for a personal and professional use. The promotion of the product is not just a smart phone but the marketing strategy covers all areas of iphone uniqueness in terms of music, pictures and video, internet, gaming, emailing and more. Promotion has other dimensions as well such as cost. Therefore, the marketing mix strategy, as suggested above, is an integrated effort towards effectiveness and differentiation.

Iphone is currently applying strategic measures to respond the rapidly changing market, where consumers’ preferences are drove by the technological trends and social arenas where life style and self concept is the core aspect of consumer purchase decisions. Apple’s launch of iphone 4 is indeed a great response to competitors’ products which are also responding to customer needs and changes that drive the market. For instance, we take an example of Google Android which is also playing on the competitive edge that iphone uses such as: multi touch screen, email, games, application customization and more. But the only drawback with Apple Inc is that, it does not have varieties under the smart phone category which may threaten the contingency plan of Apple for future products (Lliev, Lindinger 2004).

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