The use of prepositions in sentences enables the laying of emphasis in these sentences. “This new policy from Samsung Company makes everybody happy.” This means that the policy makes everybody happy. However, we can modify the phrases of Samsung and policy to change the focus of the sentence. For example; “the new policy, Samsung company, makes everybody very happy” this means that both the policy and company make everybody happy.


The prepositions new policy, Samsung company can be modified to change the meaning in the sentence. The use of commas can be used to change which of the two makes everybody happy. Example: “The new policy, Samsung Company, make everybody happy.” Or “The new policy, of Samsung Company makes everybody happy.”


The passive form can be achieved by the use of the verbs and infinitive in the sentence, and can modify the Samsung Company or the new policy. For example “this new policy of Samsung Company, was established in 1911.” Implies the policy was established in 1911, but, “this is a new policy of Samsung Company, established in 1911’ means the company was established in 1911. Example: the products of coca cola Company that was established in 1930 are refreshing

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