The sentences can be edited as follows in order to be correct. “There was an economics class starting at 6:10pm.” The second sentence is not grammatically correct by using “was”, “There is an economics class which starts at 6:10pm.” This means that the class already exists and starts at that time.

However, when says, “There is an economics class that starts at 6:10pm.” This means that there wasn’t one before but one will begin at the time. The third and fourth sentences do not grammatical sense by using the word strange. They can read “they was a strange economics class that(which) started/starting at 6:10pm.” Example: there was a man standing at the corner, or there is a man standing at the corner,


All sentences should make use of “a” particle before the word business; this is because the business course is not specified. Example: there will be a business class in the afternoon.


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