The first implies that they saw him on campus; the second means that they saw him who is on campus. Example: we saw him on campus last night. Or last night we saw him on campus.


The sentences are not correct because we sit at the desk, but not on. On implies that they literary sit on the desk. The first sentences imply that they look at the guy who is already on the desk. The second sentence implies that the action of the guy, the last has infinitive action to it “sitting”. Example: she sat at the table with a red mat.


The prepositional phrase only modifies the object is they come right after the noun or pronoun. Therefore “from” modifies “money”, “notes”, “subway” and “USA” example: the coyote runs after road runner.


The sentence is not correct. Prepositional phrases a be placed anywhere in the sentence. Example: as an assistant, I am able to get to her or I able to get to her as an assistant


The second is not correct. “This is my diploma/certificate from college” example: she came from the hills.

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