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Introducing the Damaging Situation  of  Higher Education in America

In the measure of learning, Alex Kingsbury reporting for the U.S. News & World Report on March 12, 2007, talks about the damaging situation prevalent in higher education institutions across America, the hurdles to effectively quantifying the quality of education, withholding of past performance data, and the unrealistic approach applied to assessing a students  capabilities. We have progressed from the days where a college education was an intense dose of primitive influences, yet our institutions of higher learning have failed to shift to the changing tide.

Although the government has taken the initiative, and is working on improving the state of college education by measuring the capability of students in standardized tests, the 2003 survey paints a dismal picture of the abilities of college graduates. Few colleges release results of these proficiency tests while data for graduating students is difficult to gather and incomplete. Researchers suggest either assessing a college graduate on the major he/she has or applying a holistic approach, accommodating projects and alternative tests of competence. Accreditation is an important tool the government can use to mandate college education. Furthermore, the hindrance faced by college ranking publishers as they cannot completely offer a valid comparison of colleges as they are missing information. Percentage of employed and those enrolled in masters programs more acceptable barometers of the efficacy of an institution. Enrolling students choose their colleges by “its party reputation or its campus facilities…, because they don’t have a lot of other meaningful information to base their choice on” says Steve Goodman. By the urging of beneficial government reforms, a shift can be witnessed in institutions acrossAmerica. “We should not be afraid of a culture of self-scrutiny on campus… we need to get more schools interested in examining their own successes and shortcomings”.   institution.

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