Sample Essay

As far as legalizing prostitution goes it is doubtful whether this will put a check on the exploitation of its sufferers specially those victims who are trafficked. In reality this makes the situation much worse. It provides human traffickers with a façade behind which they can easily operate. The more acceptable prostitution becomes, the more the demand for women to work in brothels increases. In turn trafficking of women and children and becomes easier and their sexual exploitation continues. For example studies reveal that in places, where “prostitution has been legalized or tolerated, there is an increase in the demand for sex slaves and the number of victimized foreign womenmany likely victims of human trafficking.” (Hughes, Donna M. 2002)

Despite this some countries such as the Netherlands have legalized prostitution.

Sweden had played a leading role in condemning prostitution related activities. Since 1999 the government has been engaged in aggressively prosecuting those who benefit from the trade. The focus has been on the customers, the pimps and also the brothel owners. Due to government introduced policies,

“there was a 50 percent decrease in women prostituting and a 75 percent decrease in men buying sex. Trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation decreased as well.” (Ekberg, G.S. 2001.).

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