Sample Essay

The plan of action for the Marks & Spencer Company in terms of changing the position of the company in the market and being more profitable from the global operations of the business would include increasing the network of the retail stores in the target markets and countries of operation. Aside from this, the image of the stores and the branding of the company and will also need to be worked upon. Simultaneously the company will also need to focus on developing and revamping its online shopping option of its online retail portal to include a more exhaustive list of products which can be purchased by the customers online. The branding of the website also needs to correspond with the changing image of the company in the market as well.

In the future there is a forecast for the rising labor wages in theUK, the slump of the retail spending in the UK region in the period of 2008 to 2009, as well as the increase in the competition the retail industry. Therefore in order to plan against the threats faced by the company, the company needs to diversify its target markets and more actively pursue operations in the other countries aside from UK as well so that the growth and the profitability of the company is not hampered by the market and the economic changes taking place.

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