CRITICAL ISSUE #1: School Safety

The core purpose of school is to promote learning by increasing people’s knowledge , equip them with new skills and most importantly give them new ideas that can help them to become experts in different professions ( ). However, with time people have come to realize that as much as learning is of top concern the security and safety of a school is equally if not more important.

More than in other country in the continent, US is renowned for having large number of insecurity in schools. The incidences that occurred at the New London Junior-Senior High School in New London, Texas, where a natural gas explosion killed 294 people in 1937. A similar incidence happened at the Lakeview Grammar School fire in Collinwood, Ohio, that left 175 people dead in 1908 and the fire that claimed 95 lives in 1958 at Our Lady of Angels Grade School fire in Chicago, Illinois, are some of the instances that clearly show the seriousness of this issue of safety in schools.

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