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Peter Senge in 1990 put forward the idea that change is teaming and learning is change in his famous book The Fifth Discipline”,   it was proposed that organizations can learn to change in order to accommodate change in environment. He also put forward the concept of learning organizations, a place where people frequently enlarge their capability to generate the outcome they actually wanted, where creative thinking patterns are nurtured, collective contributions are welcomed, and where employees are involved in group learning. Managers use these five disciplines to overcome in capabilities of the organization, their component technologies are (Senge, 1990, p. 45):

  1. Systems Thinking

It is the integrative fifth discipline which fuses the other four, is based on system dynamics and is highly conceptual. Helps to understand practical business problems; it divides the system in archetypes, and includes unequivocal complex issues system modeling.

  1. Personal Mastery

It is the discipline of persistently illuminating and deepening of personal vision, energies, also involves budding endurance to enable a person to see reality in objective mode.

  1. Mental Models

It is the ability of generating deeply embedded assumptions, generalizations, or images that persuade the better understanding of the events around us

4.    Team Learning

It is the activity where team members learn by keeping their assumptions suspended, start learning with dialogues, and enter into a complex process of thinking together.

5.   Building Shared Vision

It is a voluntary act of learning from environment, which involves the skills of sighting the shared future pictures and showing indisputable commitment and conscription.

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