Unfortunately, as a number of us enjoy the fruits that come with technological advancements, many people in the world have either limited or no access to it. That is the sad reality of digital divide. Digital divide is as a result of factors such as socioeconomic status, education level, governance and policy making and inequality (Servon, 2002).

In comparison, there is great disparity of access of information and technology between developed countries and developing countries. One of the ways to bridge the digital divide gap is by reducing the cost of access to information technology. This will enable the poor people to access the technology easily. It is also imperative to ensure that our education systems incorporate information technology in their syllabuses so as to improve education levels when it comes to usage of technology. Also, policy making and implementation by governments to ensure that there’s equality in terms of access to and availability of information technology should be enhanced and it will aid greatly in improving the current state of affairs on this subject.

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