One way in which I can respond to this situation is by talking to the two, and informing them about the negative effects of their competition. It will also be wise to remind them from time to time about the group goals to which they should adhere. Additionally, the team should be given trust building activities that will help them to have a belief in each other, and in the team as a whole (Levi, 2010)

Because the two stars are excellent at what they do while the rest of the members are average workers, it will be prudent to encourage the team to learn from each other. The stars can help the average workers to improve on their performance, while the rest of the team can help them learn how to cooperate, instead of competing. When they work together, team effort should be rewarded, as it is a statement saying that what they achieved, they did together, and this is important. Finally, all team members should be encouraged to compete with their own previous records rather than with each other (Smith, 2009). This is important as competing with their records, helps them improve on their performance. As the entire team will be doing this, their performance will improve, meaning that the team’s performance will also progress.

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