Sample Essay

In the modern age however, with burgeoning populations, demand for water is not only large but growing. There are also plenty more uses for the natural resource which requires water management to be moderated at the state level. The national and local governments have a very important role to play in this regard. Comprehensive strategies for water management need to be developed to handle the resource.

This should be aimed at reducing demand by encouraging plantation of less water absorbing crops and developing an efficient irrigation system so that the available water is not wasted. Campaigns for public awareness could be launched at the local government level which could also address the problem of alien plants that use water and leakages that waste the resource. New water resources could also be explored such as by drilling underground. At the national level, optimal use of the river systems should be made via development of dams and canals so that adequate storage of the available water can be carried out. There is also a need to work with other nations at a global level to improve the laws pertaining to water use and rights so that international conflicts over the resource do not develop.

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