Sample Essay

Zara highly differentiates on the marketing strategies that it employs for targeting the different customer segments of its target market. The main theme of the brand Zara is uber fashion with a fashion guru/fashionista theme which is common for all customer segments. For this the company uses innovative window displays and in store music, theme and grouping of ensembles to attract customers. Aside from this, the company also markets online on networking communities and the internet. However when marketing to the segments based on gender, psychographics and the fashion/style orientation, the company makes use of runway launches to attract the fashion conscious, in store discounts to attract families and those looking for affordable high end fashion apparel.

While Zara itself is highly innovative, it will need to keep its business operations, management style and functional processes up to date to change with the fat paced changes that take place in the fashion industry. The company will need to establish better relations with its designed in order to not over work them and provide them with inspirations to work in the long term. Also currently the supply chain network and strategy of the company along with its design processes are innovative and efficient, but eventually competitors like H&M will start copying their management style, business process and supply chain management strategies. In order to keep its current position in the market the company will have to keep innovating itself and devising new ways in which the company can operate while still having a competitive advantage over its competitors. Aside from this the company should also venture into diverse markets outside of Europe and in East Asia. For countries that can pose a high in the initial years of business the company can use the franchising strategy. (Ashu, 2007)

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