Sample Essay

The domain of this doctorate research project revolves around the proliferation, implementation and development of management information systems in the banking industry operating in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The focal point of this research involves assessing the efficacy of these systems, and to what degree has their application cushioned or enabled banks in Saudi Arabia (SA), to deal with dynamic developments in the global banking industry, especially with counterparts in developed nations.

Although various approaches may be implemented to develop a more prudent banking system, one which can accommodate a changing economic environment effectively, the development and growth of information management systems throughout the industry is a vital element that is necessary for survival and essential for thriving under turbulent economic conditions. Banks and financial institutions in SA are at a turning point, due to globalization, shifts in international trade and the recent economic crisis they are faced with a volatile outlook in an evolutionary market, with a constant state of development and technological progress (Smith, 2009). The choice is clear for banks operating in SA, to either implement an appropriate and applicable management of information systems strategy within their respective organizations, or loose a firm foothold in a vibrant industry operating in a developing region in the world’s economy.

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