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Rather than have the students work in one large team, as they had in the first project and had reported finding unwieldy for communication and job delineation, Kim (2005) broke them up into four smaller teams that each worked on their own translation of the assessment tests.  This produced four different versions of the translated tests that were then discussed by the class and both strengths and areas for improvement were identified.   Noting that the students had reported feelings of dissatisfaction with the feedback processes realized during the first authentic task, Kim modeled constructive criticism for students.  Once changes were made to the various translations, Kim selected the most accurate one and that was presented to the clients.

The students reported that the smaller group structure and greater intervention and direction on the part of the instructor were instrumental in making the second authentic translation project a much better learning experience for them.   Based on the students’ input, Kim (2005) designed the final two authentic translation projects to incorporate small group collaboration and interactions.  Given their experience on the earlier projects, the students’ demonstrated both greater capability and engaged in more frequent discussions about translation matters, rather than process matters, and their interpretation learning increased substantially Kim reported.  Kim’s responsiveness to the needs of her translator students is illustrative of the type of self-reflection and adaptation that Groenewald (2004) and Pochhacker (2010) discussed in relation to the researcher’s influence in research design and analysis.  While the students were working through their translation learning and practice, Kim as the teacher experienced her own process of learning about how to provide more supportive and effective facilitation of her students’ learning.

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