Sample Essay

When start building java applications it’s important to understand how a java program works and its execution phases.  A java code normally goes through a different phases including editing, compiling, loading, verifying and executing.

An editor is used for writing a code and then it’s saved using .java extension. It’s then compiled, loaded, verified and executed. For the application to be able to work as a server it needs to have an extended functionality of a web server.                                                                                                                                                                              A Servlet container is a specialized web server that supports Servlet execution. It combines the basic functionality of a web server with certain Java/Servlet specific optimizations and extensions – such as an integrated Java runtime environment, and the ability to automatically translate specific URLs into Servlet requests. Individual Servlets are registered with a Servlet container, providing the container with information about what functionality they provide, and what URL or other resource locator they will use to identify themselves (Wikipedia, Java Servlets).

Servlets are best for data-base intensive applications with thin clients having minimum client side support. Here for clients dynamic code generation is done by residing the code at server which is loaded dynamically for the request of each client. An extension of servlets is Java Server Pages (JSP). A servlet works by receiving a request and generates a response. Java libraries have a basic servlet package that defines Java objects to represent servlet requests and responses which are used to make the system works and the objects that reflect the servlet configuration parameters and execution environment.

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