Sample Essay

Services provide a yardstick to measure how an organization is adapting to the dynamism in its operating environment, the behavior of its customers, employees and all relevant stakeholders. ITIL, usually, involves a single implementation however; continuous improvement forms a large part of constant governance of IT enabled processes. Improvement of these processes can be done only and only if the input from the variables in the environment that is, the organization’s customers, employees and stakeholders, is available, made possible by ITSM. So, continuous improvement in an organization’s approach in providing IT-enabled services to its clients through the use of ITSM, leads to an improved framework and continuous improvement in a successful ITIL implementation.

There are quite a number of implementations that are unsuccessful, due to mistakes (Guglielmo) in part of many contributing factors that provide a great opportunity to invent and improve the overall process management for an ITIL implementation.

  1. The project has no well-defined vision that drives the motivation and efforts in the project. There are no clear answers hence uncertainty and ambiguity is extensive.
  2. Middle management commitment is sufficient for the success of the project, top management commitment is not required / desired. Conversely, top management commitment is mandatory to ensure the success of this project (Marquis).
  3. The beginning of an ITIL implementation involves companies struggling with grand plans setting unmanageable scope and unreasonable expectations (RealWorld ITIL Blog), with the organizations then lacking the organizational maturity to deliver on the expectations.

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