Sample Essay

The new government evolving as an Interim Authority towards the establishment of the current Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is led by a Pashto, Hamid Karzai. This new government was realized through meeting of Afghan representatives (a loya jirga) that came to be known as the Bonn Agreement (Ayub & Kuovo, 2008; Johnsen, 2006; McNerney, 2005-2006). The Afghan state currently takes a toll on reconstruction efforts under the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The most profitable commodity in Afghanistan is its poppy cultivation which fuels almost three quarters of the world’s opium and heroin trade. This activity creates an ongoing security issue for the fledgling government, its international patronage countries, and the Afghan people who are most susceptible to the violence and corruption engendered by illegal drug trafficking (Ayub & Kuovo, 2008; Barajas, Howard, Miner, Sartin & Silver, 2006; Schetter, 2002; Emadi, 2005; Weinstein & Vaishnav, 2006).

Translators relation with ISAF and NATO

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the mission of the US Army was to “destroy the Al-Qaida network, eliminate terrorist elements, and create an atmosphere conducive to peace and democracy” (MoroccoBoard News Service, 2009, n.p.). The work of Afghan translators is important in this mission as they are the means for a better future for this war-stricken nation in the long run. There was a need for the US Army and the NATO allies to work closely with the Afghan Government and the Afghan people and this is only possible with the aid of the Afghan translators. Their ability to relay culturally sensitive issues to the U.S. Army is critical to the success of the mission of the US forces sent there (MoroccoBoard News Service, 2009).

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