Sample Essay

Walker and Wilson (2009) presented an interesting variant on the roles of, and expectations, for interpreters in situations of military conflict.  They observed that interpreters working with the U.S. military are not required to have training or demonstrate competency in basic first aid – training to which all other military personnel are routinely subjected.  They contended that interpreters working with the military should be provided with basic first aid training and issued a basic first aid kit.  This expectation surely falls beyond the purview of training requirements most translator training programs would identify as necessary.  It is noted in this discussion because this military opinion underscores how situation-dependent the translating profession is in terms of the conduct of it’s’ work.

Expectations for translators. 

 The expectations involved in the translating process are potentially myriad depending on the circumstances of the translation, the parties involved, and a host of other potential factors.  There are however several salient expectations that guide virtually all interpreted exchanges and these are that the translations will be as accurate as possible – which go to the issues of training and the interpreter’s role as intercultural communicator (Jing, 2007) – and that the translations will be honestly conducted.  Seeber and Zelger (2006) explored the question of truth in translations by considering situations of simultaneous conference interpreting.

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