The two are correct after the addition of the article “a” before side-dish. “for” implies that it will act as a side-dish, while “as” implies that it is the side-dish. Example: thank you for visiting or I am grateful that you were able to visit.

110-These sentences are not all correct. One cannot use “with or with taking bus” “with” implies that one is going to school together with the bus, they need to read “I need to go to school by/by taking the bus” example: he has the fish with green gills.

111– This sentence is not correct

It should read “I will give you money for tuition borrowed from someone” then the sentence has the preposition “for tuition” that modifies “money” and the preposition “from someone” hat modifies “borrowed”. Example: The boys were thrilled at their victory.

112– Yes; we can have “Grad school which[that] is at UC Irvine. The second implies that both “I” and “you” are on campus. The prepositions phrase modifies the object it follows directly in the sentence. Example: my ideal holiday is (that/which) is taken along the coast.

113-“as your brother” modifies “I” the next sentence is not correct: “I need this book for my personal use” “for my personal” modifies “book” and “as my personal” modifies “research paper” any preposition modifies the verb and object that they follow. Example: is there any oil I can use for this hinge?

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