122-the sentence is not correct. It should read “I will go to school without the car” “without the car” will still pass the meaning “not driving”. Example: I will go to town without shoes. Means I will not wear shoes, but we cannot say “I will go to town without wearing shoes”

123-the second sentence specifies the person by using the words “who/that” but both sentences mean the same. Example: Look at the boat “which/that has” with the blue sail.

124-“which/that” specifies or acts as a particular participle. Therefore the second sentence specifies the pen under the desk. Example: take this cup to the man “who has” with the blue cap.

125– Examples of sentences with prepositions (for, behind, between, above, below and etc)

  1. The fight scene is before the second act. “as a nominal, when used with the verb to be”
  2. The coyote runs after the rabbit. “modifies verb runs”
  3. The town hasn’t been the same since the war. “shows a terminal relationship/ semantic”
  4. The family survived despite the accident. “logical relationship”
  5. The trail was beside the waterfall.
  6. She was hiding under the bed.

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