Sample Essay

Initially businesses used to implement technology in their companies without making significant changes to the company structure or operations. Now however people have realized that technology needs to be adopted while restructuring the people and the processes in the company for a positive and efficient CRM solution which can provide for profitability. As a result most of the CRM solutions that are implemented nowadays tend to focus on building a customer centric environment in the business, while restructuring the placement of the people, functions and the processes in the business through business process reengineering to implement the CRM technology.

The CRM technology that is in place and in use now has evolved to include characteristics pertaining to provision of greater customer insight, king firms more efficient in their marketing and branding operations while responding to the various requirements and demands set by customers. Moreover the CRM technology in place now also enables the businesses to establish the business process of the company around the target market and the customer of the firm.

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