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This proposed study will employ dissertation member checking and sharing of interview transcripts. These procedures ensure that data collection and the analysis of the data are closer to being valid and reliable.

Secondly, the use of a human as participant of the study is subject to ethical consideration. Ethics involves adherence to the norms accepted in gathering of information. This will be ensured by providing secrecy on the information collected from the investors. As such, the study will seek the Individual Review Board approval in the involvement of human participant and consent of the identified participant will be asked. Individuals will not be coerced into participation and this is the main reason for requesting permission to approach the translators in order to scope out a potential participant.

Validity and Reliability

Recognizing that data collection methods have limitations, biases inherent in any one data collection method could neutralize the biases of other methods (Creswell, 2007). Therefore, it is necessary to include several modes of data collection in a qualitative case study. Stake (1995) affirmed that protocols used to ensure accuracy and alternative explanations are called triangulation. Here, the requirement for triangulation arises from the ethical concern to confirm the validity of the processes. Methodological triangulation will be utilized by combining methods in order to achieve the best and most informative data results for analysis and interpretive purposes (Willis, 2007). This case study will be developed by using multiple sources of evidence (Yin, 1994).

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