Evaluations are done quarterly, semi-annual and yearly, but in any case, the sooner the evaluation is done the better for everyone involved. With that in mind, evaluation methods are geared to enhance the knowledge, attitude, skills, perceptions, and behavior of workers. McNamara (2008) explains that an evaluation’s purpose is to have a mechanism for employers to assess employees for validity and reliability in their acquired position. Employers also have evaluation methods that are matter-of-fact and significant for each worker.

The evaluation methods will assists the workers, employers, clients and other constituents involved to maintain and manage the company by increasing their knowledge and building self confidence to the service they render their customers. The appraisal process will assists all stakeholders to measure their training methods to align and match for the attainment of the mission and the apparition of the organization. The evaluation methods will also allow all constituents to take a look at their program’s process and dictate what works and what does not work in order for them to achieve successful goal (McNamara, 2008).

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