Training increases an employee commitment and motivation in a firm. This makes a firm to attract employees irrespective of the prevailing labor conditions. There are several ways through which the HRM can guarantee employee development, these include:

  • Training- this could be through informal or formal training, sessions, seminars among others
  • Buddy system- experienced employees are teamed with new inexperienced employee,
  • Feedback-the employee or group gives feedback to the relevant authorities,
  • Relocation-employees being transferred to new work stations,
  • Cross training-employees working in other positions for a certain period,
  • Mentoring-the employees are assigned role models who aid them in understanding the core values of a the organization,
  • Committee work- the employees are given the responsibility of leading a committee or being a member,
  •  Career ladders- this is where the employer discuses the career development path with an employee
Other methods through which an employee career develops includes through being awarded certificates for learning certain skills, among others. Through the above discussed career development tool, the HRM will not be challenged when there is a shortage in the market (DEWR, 2007).

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