These mechanisms make it possible for the parties to realize their emission targets with little cost involved. Monitoring is a continuous process in this protocol to ensure that the emission targets are reached, records made and reports done. The registry system in Bonn ensures that the activities of each of the parties are in consistent with the set rules. Additionally, each party has to make reports on the results realized with the managers having the responsibility of comparing the actual results with the expected ones. With this protocol, Canada being a member is protected from the evils of industrial evolution. With Kyoto protocol in place, Canada does not have to experience the effects of pollution since it is regulated. There are laws and standards, which benefit the environment of Canada and prevent it, form the dangers of globalization. The Canada-Chile Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (CCAEC) is one of the major standards set and agreed upon between the two countries to ensure that wildlife and domestic pollution is inconsistent with the economic growth. The main objectives of this agreement are:

Enhancing, protecting and conserving the environment including fauna and flora

  • Promoting pollution prevention practices and policies
  • Strengthening cooperation on the improvement and development of wildlife and environmental practices,  procedures, regulations and policies
  • Enhancing enforcement of and compliance with wildlife and environmental regulations and laws

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