Sample Essay

Project management was initiated in the 1950s with the use of scheduling in management of specific processes and the use of tools such as Gantt charts. Project management itself is derived from the scientific theories of management by Frederick Taylor and the Total Cost Management Framework.

“Project Management centers on the development of a Body of Knowledge, based around the Project Life Cycle and associated techniques. Insofar as a generic model exists, it is based on comprehensive and detailed planning linked to the systematic surveillance of task execution and the control of employee discretion.” (Hodgson, 2002) The initiator of the project management as a function and the Subject is the PMI, better known as the product Management Institute which is responsible for the publishing and the disbursement of standards for project management and quality management.  The project management field is based on human capital comprising of the project manager and a team of highly skilled and specialized individuals who work together on a specific project or subject

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