Sample Essay

The cost effectiveness of the healthcare system in Australia has been prominent until recently, as the increasing prices as per the CPI and the rising inflation and taxes are squeezing the disposable income of the masses. Moreover the increasing prices in the OECD countries are also affecting the cost effectiveness of the Australian health care system. The pressures that are being faced by the health care system in Australia operation to environmental pressures, globalization, ideological shifts in the entities involved, regional alignments as well as the increasing number of privatization for health care facilities.

The increasing discrepancy between the health care system available to the masses, and the being utilized by the select elite groups is also increasing the orientation of the pharmaceutical companies, and doctors to take up practice in the private sector. A standardized health care system is important as it aptly controls health of the masses in a region; however the increasing discrepancies are giving rise to the ineffectiveness in the Australian healthcare system which needs to be curbed in the future.

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