The human resource department should as well, develop effective programmes to manage workload associated with shortage of staff and high demand for services. Shifts should be arranged well, and employees working overtime should be compensated properly. The distribution of workforce should also be observed to avoid discriminatory allocations, and sometimes people serving in areas that they do not have enough expertise for it might compromise the efficacy and quality of care.

Lastly but not least, a demoralised workforce cannot manage to attain the necessary objectives of the organisation. As such, the human resource department should device the best ways for motivating workers. Such inputs may include recognising individual efforts and rewarding them accordingly, offering space for personal development through programs such as training and promotions, among other inputs.

Ideally, human resource department’s functional roles in health care industry is to integrate resources through proper knowledge, skills and motivation in a bid to attain efficacy in service delivery and equitable distribution of resources towards attaining quality objectives.

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