When a child from a family where there are other siblings is labeled gifted, the attention given to the gifted child may lead to discontentment of the others. Additionally, as already mentioned, gifted children hardly socialize well with others due to their behavioral issues (talentdevelop.com). This can result to increased hatred and discrimination of the gifted children.

Increased exhaustion

While having a gifted child is the joy of every parent, it is on the other hand and increased responsibility. More than the non-gifted a gifted child requires more attention and challenges in order to meet their emotional, physical and moral due to their high curiosity and sensitivity failure to which they are subjected to psychological disorders  such as depression among others (wordpress.com). As such, the increased time and attention, and the effort to challenge a gifted child whose mind is constantly thinking and learning are major causes of fatigue to the affected guardians and parents.

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